The Rossmoor Team Match Play (12 Man) squad traveled to Sequoyah Country Club on June 27th. It was a fine early summer day on the bay and the team responded with an excellent performance despite the course difficulty for a retirement community team. Rossmoor was not able to squeak out a win BUT we came damn close with a final match score of Sequoyah 21 – Rossmoor 15.

Participants were Terry Dawkins, Tom Snyder, Mike Oakey, Brent Atkins, Daryl Mathews, Chuck Leong, Chuck Moran, John Endicott, James Soo Hoo, Rich Jones, Wonhi Woo and Jim Pingatore.

Individual match point winners were: Terry Dawkins, Tom Snyder, Daryl Mathews, Chuck Leong, Chuck Moran and Jim Pingatore for 11 total points.

Four Ball (Team) match point winners were: Terry Dawkins/Tom Snyder and Daryl Mathews/Chuck Leong for 4 total points.

The POD, of Rossmoor-Orinda-Moraga- Sequoyah, point standings are:
Moraga – 58
Rossmoor – 44
Orinda – 39
Sequoyah – 39

Our next match is at Rossmoor when we host Moraga on July 11.

Well done team!!!

Brent & Tom