Rossmoor 12 Man Final Results

The final match was held on July 27 and pitted Contra Costa CC against Rossmoor on the
Dollar golf course. The “4C’s” team was sporting an impressive no loss season until they
ran into the “men of the Ross”.

When the final tally was announced, Rossmoor won with a 19 point total, narrowly
beating the 4C’s team who garnered 17 points. As we say, “ a win is a win.”
Congratulations to all of the 12 man Rossmoor players for the victory.
At the invitation of co captains Chuck Moran and Fred Sun, many non playing 12 man
team mates came to the Dollar clubhouse for an open bar with grill master Bryan Burnett
providing a full meal of grilled tri tip steak sandwiches to celebrate the end of the year
2017 season.

Contra Costa CC won our pod and we wish them well as they begin the playoffs. The
final 12 man event will be a cocktail-dinner party at the Dollar clubhouse with significant
others invited on THURSDAY, September 28. More information on the dinner party will
come later this month.