Chuck Moran on the left and Dave Bosley on the right played in the Final Match of the 2017 RMGC Match Play Championship. Bosley defeated Moran 3 and 2 after a determined and dogged challenge by Moran. Moran plagued by a bad back but overcoming that physical challenge to play consistently well was a worthy opponent. He was even coming off of number twelve only to have his putter fail him on 13 and 14 giving Bosley who made a miraculous par on 14 a two hole lead. Bosley then played 15 perfectly with 3 shots to about 6 feet and made the birdie putt to put Moran dormie. They shared pars on 16 to end the match. Moran had defeated Meng in a 23 hole marathon in the opening round and then defeated Atkins 1 up in the second round to reach the finals.
First Round results were: Bosley Bye; Lee def Schofield in 19; Atkins def Moore 2 and 1 and Moran def Meng in 23. Semi Final results were: Bosley def Lee 5 and 3; Moran def Atkins 1up.

In the First Flight Won Woo on the left defeated Daryl Mathews 1 up on the final hole of a hard fought match. The match see sawed back and forth till Mathews found the bunker with his 3rd shot and couldn’t get out on his first shot. Woo two putted for his par and the win. Mathews is a new member and has a lot of game, especially impressive length. We look forward to seeing more of Mathews in our competitive outings. Congratulations to Woo who played his game and pulled out the win on the last hole.

First round results were: McDonnell def Kiley 4 and 2; Woo def Denarvaez 2 and 1; Mathews def Odea 2 and 1; Beckman def Lee, J.J. 3 and 1. Semi final results were: Woo def McDonnell 2 up and Mathews def Beckman 3 and 1.

The rather rowdy gallery of Gary Beckman, Rod Lee and Jack Meng followed the Championship and First Flight Final Matches. Its great to watch your fellow members grinding and sweating in the nerve wracking pressure of match play competition. Next year we hope for a larger gallery and more rowdiness!!

In the Second Flight Darrell Webb on the right, defeated Jay Meaden on the left 2 and 1. Webb’s win culminated a resurrection of his golf game over the last month. A new diet and dedication to improving his game truly paid off for him. Congratulations Darrell

First Round results: Webb def Shannon 4 and 3; Burnett def Van Slyke 2 up; Meaden def Gonzalez 4 and 3; Newman def Christoffersen 2 and 1. Semi Final results: Webb def Burnett 3 and 2; Meaden def Newman on a coin flip.

In the Third Flight Jim McCann defeated Joe Tracey 2 and 1. McCann soldiered through for the win dragging his sore right leg behind him – Jim said he thanks Ace bandages for giving him the winning edge.

First Round results: Wheeler def Lewis 6 and 5; McCann def Andersen 2 and 1; Soo Hoo def Shin in 19; Trach def Hong 5 and 4. Semi Final results: McCann def Wheeler 2 and 1; Tracey def Soo Hoo in 19.

In the Fourth Flight Bill Herrick playing as a younger version of himself defeated a game Jerry Weinstein 8 and 6. Weinstein had played well in the first two matches but ran into a buzz saw in the form of Herrick in the finals. Congratulations Bill Herrick – youth rejuvenated!!

First Round results: Park def Loustalet 3 and 1; Herrick def Ventura 3 and 2; Weinstein def Ferrett 2 and 1; Benshoff def Iacullo 7 and 6. Semi Final results: Herrick def Park 1 up; Weinstein def Benshoff in 19.

In the Fifth Flight Dick Hurley outlasted Bob Weyand to win 1 up. Congratulations Dick Hurley you picture is becoming a common occurrence in the winners write ups!!

First Round results: McIvor def Foisy 2 and 1; Hurley def Bass 2 and 1; Weyand won by default over McCullough; Quallen def Selbach 9 and 8. Semi Final results: Hurley def McIvor by default; Weyand def Quallen in 19.