The RMGC Board of Directors unanimously decided to change the agenda for the Feb 12th Annual Spring Membership meeting at the Event Center. New President Fred Sun correctly assessed that by starting with the actual meeting first would allow for a more time efficient program. He truly was right on point.

Over 100 members of the RMGC turned out to be involved in the 2018 kickoff and hear the plans for our upcoming season. President Fred Sun started the meeting by addressing the membership. He concisely stated his ideas for the direction of the RMGC in 2018 under his leadership and guidance.

Pat Iacullo, Secretary and President Elect than took over the podium for a more in depth look at our club and its direction in 2018 and beyond.

From the far left: Edwin Kung, Handicap; Burke Ferrari, Vice Chairman Home and Home; Mike Kiefer, Chairman Home and Home; Rich Fuller, Twilight; and Chuck Moran, Invitational.

From the left: Fred Sun, President; Michael Weisenberg, Membership; Brian Burnett, Food and Beverage; Curtis Mitchell, Handicap; Dick Walsh, Treasurer – not pictured Brent Atkins, Assistant Handicap (he was helping and elderly lady stranded with a flat tire and arrived at the meeting later) and Jack Meng, Communications who was taking the picture.

The brief presentations by the directors were exceptionally informative and well received by the membership. The audio visual presentation of the RMGC website provided some good interaction and hopefully promoted more consistent use of the website by the membership. The tournament chairman Curtis Mitchell provided the annual schedule of events which was quite well received by the membership. Mike Kiefer did a great job with a power point presentation of the Home and Home events planned for 2018.

Michael Weisenberg, Membership Director, then introduced the New Members of the RMGC for 2018.


The Membership welcomes them with open arms and looks forward to their joining in our camaraderie.

Mark Heptig addresses the membership on one of the new facets of the 2018 season – the introduction of the new RMGC official golf shirts. These new shirts which have been developed by President Sun and Golf Director Mark Heptig will bear the RMGC logo with the letters RMGC on the sleeve. They will be offered in Blue (the official color of the RMGC), Red and White. The cost will be $30 with a $5 discount to all club members on their first shirt purchased. Additional shirts will be $30. These are great shirts at a great price. Mark Heptig took orders for the shirts right then and there and the shirts ordered during the meeting are already available for pickup and payment at the golf pro shop.

Jay Meaden and Brian Burnett then proceeded to present a great picture of the beloved “Commish” Dan Ventura as he retires from running the SNAFU group on Saturdays. It was a commemoration of all Dan’s hard work over an 11 year period in running the group. Great job Dan – we will miss you as the “Commish.” You might have gotten rid of the work but am sure the honorary title will continue to follow you.

Once the general membership meeting concluded the social gathering commenced. Food and beverages were served in the Donner Room. The RMGC subsidized the menu plus the $5 cost to attendees provided to provide a great spread with not only Pizza but Sandwiches, Wings, Salads and Chips along with adult beverages, ice tea and sodas. There was plenty of food and drinks for all attending.