On Thursday, May 3rd the RMGC Board of Directors hosted a CINCO DE MAYO lunch for the Golf Course Maintenance Crew. The lunch was to show the Board’s appreciation for the hard work the course Maintenance Crew does all year long.

From the left Past President Chuck Leong, Twilight Director Rich Fuller and Food and Beverage Director Bryan Burnett prepare to set up the buffet line for the Maintenance Crew.

The Golf Course Maintenance Crew fills their plates to have a great Cinco De Mayo Lunch.

The Maintenance Crew full and happy after their lunch. From the left:
Rafael Morales, Daniel Alfaro, Samuel Rodriguez, Gustavo Hinojosa, Tony Hernandez, Ismael Alfaro, David Ramirez, Octavio Avila, Esteban Avila, Javier Morales, Lekh Raj, Roman Duran and Norberto Lopez.

Also in attendance were members of the Pro Shop Staff Brent Mulanax, Wayne Weckerlin and Chris Andres. The Board also honored those Home and Home Ambassadors Frank Quallen, Ted Budach, John McDonnell and Bob Montgomery. Intero Realty represented by Linda Stephans and Ron Reece were honored for their sponsorship of the Home and Home event raffles.

RMGC Board members in attendance were President Fred Sun, Pat Iacullo, Brent Atkins, Mike Kiefer, Bryan Burnett, Chuck Leong, Rich Fuller, Mike Wiesenberg, Bill Herrick and Dick Walsh.