On Wednesday Oct 18, the RMGC completed its last scramble tournament for 2017. 83 golfers participated in a four-man team scramble where each player had to hit two drives. All other shots are chosen by the team as the best opportunity to score well on the hole and all four players then hit shots from that spot, including putts. Brent Mulanax using his exceptional math skills figured out the complicated handicapping formula which would even the playing field. He took 10% of the low handicap, 7.5% of the second lowest, 5% of third and only 2.5% of the high handicap. The field was flighted into Three flights of six teams each and a separate flight for the 9-hole event on the Creekside course which was played from the Gold tees and consisted of 4 teams. The scoring was very close proving how well the handicapping system worked.

From left to right, winners of the first flight: Daryl Webb and Don Terry, not pictured Ed O’Dea and Jim McCann. Second Flight winners: Colin Ferret, Harry Paleologos, Cecil Chang and Chuck Leong.

From left to right, winners of the third flight: Dick Hurley, Tom Harrick, Dan Ventura and Roddy Lee. 9 Hole flight winners: Joe McElroy, Doug Amsden, Rene Herrerias, and Tom Hannon.

First Flt: (1) Don Terry, Daryl Webb, Jim McCann and Ed O’Dea – 55.25
(2) Brent Atkins, Dan Gonzalez and Richard Wheeler (played as 3 man team) 58.25
(3) Jack Meng, Bob LaPointe, Rich Fuller and Marc Raynor – 58.45
(4) Bart Moore, Jim Pingatore, Fred Sun and Rich Schefler – 58.55

Second Flt: (1) Chuck Leong, Harry Paleologos, Colin Ferrett and Cecil Chang – 56.75
(2) Bob Erdmann, Al Anderson, and Tim Dowell (played as 3 man team) 59.0
(3) John Newman, Karl Stinson, Edwin Lowe and Alan Brown – 61.1
(4) Bob Bailey, Edwin Kung, Ping Test and Pang Man – 61.5

Third Flt: (1) Rod Lee, Dick Hurley, Dan Ventura and Tom Harrick – 58.8
(2) Mike Oakey, Bruce McDougall, Gene Widely and Jack Phillips – 59.05
(3) Dallas Amos, Pat Kelly, Richard Allen and Glenn Watkins – 60.95
(4) Mark Weiss, Steven Wight and Bill Keeley (played as 3 man team) 61.9

9 HOLE flt: (1) Rene Herrerias, Doug Amsden, Tom Hannon and Joe McElroy – 27.6
(2) Donald Dixon and Jerry Severance (two man team had to hit twice each time) – 29
(3) Owen Thompson, Bob Murphy, Wayne Brock and Hank Hansen – 30.65

The event ended with a great lunch and the wonderful camaraderie of the club members. We are all looking forward to our Annual General Membership Meeting and Awards Dinner on Monday, November 13th at the Event Center.