The RMGC is forming its team roster for the 2020 NCGA Team Match Play season. Are you a competitive golfer; do you enjoy the Match Play golf format; is golf not complete (for you) without some bet or action to focus your round? If so, the RMGC is looking for you!

NCGA sponsored Team Match Play is like a bowling league. Four (4) golf clubs are assigned to a POD. Each club will play the other clubs in the POD twice. Once at their own club and once while visiting each of the other clubs. Twelve players compete in each match. A team of two players play the opposing team of two players in three simultaneous matches: Two individual matches and a Four-Ball (best ball of partners) match. Individual matches are played for 2 points. The Four-Ball match is also played for 2 points. There are 6 points possible in each group. The team with the greatest number of points will be declared the winner.
A member of ANY Rossmoor golf club with a NCGA recognized Handicap Index is eligible. There are no gender restrictions. The Men’s club has never had a lady golfer join us but if the first paragraph describes you, please join us. All players will use their current handicap for calculation of their course handicap. Players with a current handicap index higher than 18.4 are eligible to compete but must play to the maximum 18.4 allowed.

Matches will be played on Thursday. The POD has not been officially announced by the NCGA but Rossmoor requested that Moraga CC, Contra Costa CC and Claremont CC be paired up together. Preliminary match dates are June 4, 18, 25; July 9, 23; Aug 8.

This is a self-funded activity. There is a $20 membership fee to join; a $15 match fee for the twelve participants and a $10 practice round fee (if offered by the other clubs). There are no green fees charged for matches and carts are included. The monies collected are utilized to fund the NCGA entry fee; Rossmoor room rental for post-match festivities; and, food & beverage costs associated with hosting visiting clubs.
Normally, there is a pre-season social get-together at the Dollar Clubhouse where all this is explained and questions are answered. Facility closures and social distancing makes that problematical this year but will be attempted if possible.

The NCGA is ‘hopeful’ the season happens. Much depends on how the Covid-19 situation plays out. Rossmoor is working to be ready if the opportunity presents itself.

For further information contact Co-Captains: Brent Atkins, 256-509-5906, or Tom Snyder, 661-203-7581,