On Wednesday, October 25, 93 golfers teed it up in shotgun start at 8:30AM. This successfully ended RMG’s 2017 Tournament season with a great finish. The format for the tournament was the best 2 net balls to be scored on each hole for the four team. There were 3 flights on the 18 hole Dollar Ranch course, 1st, 2nd and Callaway Flights. The Callaway flight consisted of those guests with no official handicap.

The winners of the First Flight were: (1) Jim Pingatore, Bart Moore, Michael Kiefer and Richard Wheeler; (2) Chuck Leong, David Gong (guest), Fred Sun and Rich Scheffer;
(3 – tie) Bill Schott (guest), Bob LaPointe, Jack Meng and Tony Revelli (Guest) – Dallas Amos, Harry Laiolo, Marc Raynor and Pat Kelly. (5) Brent Atkins, Dave Strong (Guest), Robin Jang (Guest) and Rod Lee.

Second Flight winners: (1) Alan Brown, Ed Lowe, John Newman and Karl Stinson (2 – 3 way tie) Alan Bierce, Frank Reynolds, John Devilliers and Rich Aldinger (Guest) James Soohoo, Rick Thompson, Seung Hong and Steve Chong; – Dick Hurley and Thomas Harrick (played as two man team); (5) Don Loustalet, Robert Thomson and Bill Herrick (3 man team)

Callaway Flight winners: (1)Bob Smith, Burke Ferrari, David Smith and Roger Bass;
(2) Dana Mariazzito, Dickey Nitta, Jim Yeakel (Guest) and Mike Perez (Guest)
(3) Don Stinson, Jim Brown, Stan Orlik and Tom Stinson.

The 9 Hole Creekside Flight all playing from the Gold tees and all winners!!
(1) Rene Herrerias, Joe McElroy, Tom Hannon and Doug Amsden.
(2) John Melvin, Jim Bombardier, Bob Wright and David Smith
(3 – tie) Les Birsail, Ron Binder, Jack Vollmer and Dave Moeller
Rich Adams, Tom Voulgares, Jerry Severance and Don Dixon

After the tournament a great lunch provided Stan Gideon and his crew was enjoyed by all including the liquid refreshments. Thanks again to Mark Heptig and Bruce Mulanax for their great help in scoring and announcing the winners. RMGC looks forward to another great year in 2018 under incoming President Fred Sun.