Bruce McDougall and Jack Phillips were the overall winners of the RMGC Member Member two day tournament with a score of 53 points on Saturday and 39 on Wednesday for a total of 92. Their names will go on the RMGC Member Member perpetual trophy. They beat out the runner up team of Brent Atkins and Jack Meng who posted 50 points on Saturday but could only equal the 39 points of the winning team on the final day.

Picture from left to right of the First flight, Second flight and Third Flight winners.

First Flight winners Brent Atkins and Jack Meng; Second Flight winners Darrell Webb and Jim McCann; Third Flight winners Seong Hong and James Soohoo.

Picture from left to right of the Fourth Flight, Fifth Flight and Creekside Flight.

Fourth Flight winners Jae Shin and Simon Park; Fifth Flight winners Bruce McDougall and Jack Phillips and Creekside Flight winners Doug Amsden and Thomas Hannon (not pictured).

The runners up were as follows: First Flight Dallas Amos and Mike Oakley; Second Flight Fred Sun and Rich Scheffer; Third Flight Chuck Coburn and Dick Walsh; Fourth Flight Pang Man and Ping Tse; Fifth Flight Frank Quallen and Tom Harrick;
Creekside Flight Greg Harvey and Stan Phillips.

RMGC wishes to thank Mark Heptig and Brent Mulanax for their professional assistance in the success of this two day event.