At the RMGC Spring membership all members, by an overwhelming majority, voted to invite our Resident Sponsored Guests Golfers (SGG) to become restricted participants in RMGC events. This has been under consideration for several years.

Each Resident Sponsored Guest Golfer will be allowed to participate in most events based on availability of open spots. If there is room available in a 4-Man Scramble event, the Par 3 Tourney and so on, they are now allowed to participate. Also, they will be able to play in Home and Home events either at home or away if there are openings after all residents have registered. Each guest along with all RMGC members must have an NCGA number and be a member of RMGC to participate. All events leading to a trophy is open only to residents of Rossmoor.

The Resident Sponsored Guest Golfers will continue to follow all previously enacted bylaws. This would include restricting them from calling for a Tee Time before 11:00 in the morning.

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