by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Four-Person Cha Cha Cha is the same format as 1-2-3 Best Ball, which is probably the more common name. It’s a format played by four-person teams in competition with other four-person teams. On the first hole, one player’s score counts as the team score; on the second, two scores are combined; on the third hole, three scores are combined. The rotation starts over on the fourth hole.

Results are as follows:

First Flight:

First place: Theresa Kim, Peggy Yamada, Joan Binnings, Joyce Mccann  net 133 

Second place: Lynda Pritchett, Marva Nielsen, Joan Baggett, Margo Dutton net 139 

Third place: Nancy Park, Anna Kim, Janet Choi, Aisoon Hongnet 140.

Second Flight:

First place: Betty Cuniberti, Jean Carroll, Daisy Soo Hoo, Vanita Nalamlieng net 122 

Second place: Stella Chan, Juna Lee, Joan Munn, Jane Lee net 130 

Third place: Sheri Lenz, Karin Romak, Karla Witte, Linda Ingalls net 136.

Birdies: Nancy Park #2, Theresa Kim #18, Marlene Seffern #2, Denise Pratt #16

Chip-ins: Vanida Nalamlieng #6, Jacky Dunn #12, Margo Dutton #7