by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Forty-eight Rossmoor 18er’s participated in the ABCD (4 person team) High – Low tournament on May 27, 2021. The tournament format had each team record the low net score and high net score for each hole. Team total of the two scores for 18 holes determined the winner. The format was very challenging, but participants powered through and played well. Ties were broken using USGA method of matching score cards.

First Flight 1st Place 163 – Andrea Alpine, Judith Cohen, Robin Moreau, Jean Carroll 
2nd Place 163 – Janet Choi, Lynda Pritchett, Joanne Brennan, Garnet Shelly
3rd Place 164 – Joan Binnings, Cindy Barni, Pil Choo
Second Flight 1st Place 153 – Olivia Hsueh, Denise Pratt, Anna Kim, Maryhelen Greaves
2nd Place 154 – Sue Yoon, Gail Ramirez, Aisoon Hong, Judy Fletcher
3rd Place 156 – Sophia Kim, Joan Baggett, Stella Chan
Payouts Per Flight 1st Place = $6.00ea, 2nd Place = $5.00ea, 3rd Place = $4.00ea