The (RMGC) held their annual meeting on Monday, November 13, 2023 in the Event Center. A cocktail hour was followed by an excellent Mexican dinner.

President Greg Gould was vacationing in Australia, so president elect Jon Shaffer opened the meeting with some welcoming remarks at approximately 6;00. Next up, was Director of Golf, Mark Heptig who spoke about the many projects that were completed in 2023 and listed many additional projects that are expected to be completed in 2024. As Mark said, “It is going to be a busy 2024”. Mark was given a huge round of applause from the over 100 RMGC members in attendance in appreciation of all the hard work done by him, the grounds crew and the pro shop staff in keeping the golf courses in excellent shape and running our tournaments smoothly.

Next up was membership chairman, Bill Keeley. Bill reported that this year, for the first time, membership dues are to be paid via credit card on our golf software, Golf Genius. This was met with applause from the membership. In addition, Bill announced that all members now have hole-in-one insurance. Any RMGC member who records a hole-in-one in 2024 will receive $100.

Past president and nominating committee chairman, Ed O’Dea then went through the process the committee went to select the four RMGC members that were being nominated for the 2024 RMGC board. Those nominated were: Jitu Patel, Rob Ingalls, Rick Cirina, and John Endicott. All four were unanimously approved by voice vote.



Attached picture shows from left to right.

Jitu Patel, Rob Ingalls, Rick Cirina

John Endicott is not pictured