by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

For the second outing of the season on March 14, 47 Rossmoor Women’s 18ers showed up for a game of two best balls with each foursome consisting of an A player, a B player, a C player and a D player with handicaps ranging from low to high, respectively. Jacque Vigil in the pro shop worked out all the pairings and ended up with all the teams being within 2.5 indices of each other.

This season the 18ers have instituted an early check-in requirement resulting in any players not signed in by 8:05 not being eligible for sweeps or chip-in money. It was decided last season that the check-in volunteers were being unduly burdened by late arrivals, making it difficult for the volunteers to get to their own starting holes on time for the 8:30 shotgun tee-off.

Another new policy is being practiced this year in the interest of having all 18ers post all their non-ladies-day rounds (Jacque normally posts the ladies day rounds). Any member not routinely posting their rounds will not be eligible for winning sweeps money on Thursdays and will be unlikely to be chosen for team play matches because their handicaps will not be reflective of their current playing ability without regular posting. Please post all non-Thursday rounds that have been played following the rules of golf. This will help level the playing field if all members have accurate handicaps.

Thursday proved to be a challenging weather day with high winds and cool temperatures. Gusts reached up to 33 miles an hour. The winners of the ABCD are as follows.

Flight 1 first place winners were Joan Binnings, Jenny Kim, Del Poirier and Jean Wright with a combined two-best-ball score of 138. Second place winners were Daisy Soo Hoo, Pat McSween, Elizabeth James and Sarah Ko with 141. Third place winners were Karla Witte, Cindy Sonstelie, Soonee Kim and Teddi Swanson with 143.

Flight 2 first place winners were Sue Yoon, Linda Ingalls, Sherry Endicott and Bari Mantel with 138. Tied for second place with a score of 143 were the team of Sunhi Kim, Irene Gessling, Cindi Barni and Betty Cuniberti along with the team of Min Ryoo, Barbara McKay, Anna Kim and Sandy Forschler.

Chip-ins were shot by Kathryn Gschwend on Hole 1, Binnings on Hole 1, Jane Lee on Hole 7, Gessling on Hole 7 and Sophia Kim on Hole14.

Birdies were shot by Sunhi Kim on Holes 1 and 13, Binnings on Hole 1, Martel on Hole 2, Lee on Hole 7, Theresa Kim on Hole 10, Joanne Kim on Hole 14 and Sherry Endicott on Hole 15.

Tomorrow’s the 18ers host the Spring Fling tournament, Fiesta de la Primavera, a very popular event with both Niners and 18ers participating in the golf game as well as in the fashion show, modeling many of the latest pro shop golf attire. The Mexican buffet lunch will be catered by La Tapatia on this year.