by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

Thursday, Mar 2, was the opening day of the Women’s 18ers golf season. The game format started out as Criss-Cross but after scorecards were turned in it was changed to Low Individual Net due to complications in determining the Criss-Cross winners using Golf Genius. Monetary awards were given to the first three low net players ($7 for first place, $6 for second place, and $5 for third place) as well as to the low gross player in each flight ($5).

First place winner in the first flight was Mae Marcotte with a net 74. Second place winner was Joanne Kim with a net 76, and third place winner was Sunhi Kim with a net 78. Low gross winner in the first flight was Joyce McCann who shot a 93.

Second flight first place went to Ann Hamilton with a net 71, second place to Cindy Sonstelie with a net 75, and third place to Joan Munn who also had a net 75. Low gross winner in the second flight was Marsha Jennings who shot a 100.

Third flight first place winner was Anna Kim with a net 73, second place was Cindi Barni who also had a net 73, and third place was Toni Snyder with a net 77. Low gross winner in the third flight was Jacky Dunn with a score of 107.

Fourth flight first place went to Joanne Ribeiro with a low net of 79, second place to Soonee Kim also with a net 79, and third place to Jean Wright who had a net 79 as well. Low gross winner in the fourth flight was Xuemei Reinhart with a score of 115.

Sue Yoon shot a birdie on hole 2. Chip-ins were shot by Joanne Kim and Joanne Ribeiro on hole 10, and by Anne Su on hole 13.