by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

The “Rules Gala Seminar” was held Monday, August 22, in the Event Center before an eager crowd of almost 130 golfers from the women’s 18ers, 9ers, and men’s golf club. The seminar was presented by two experienced NCGA and USGA rules officials, Suzanne Olsen and Ryan Gregg. Mr. Gregg is the chief operating officer of the NCGA and Ms. Olsen has been a rules official with WGANC and NCGA for decades. The crowd was enthusiastic, asking many questions throughout the two-hour presentation. The rules of golf can be daunting because there are so many of them and because there are so many different situations golfers can get themselves into that require a ruling. The aim of this seminar was to create an interactive and fun environment for learning the most common rules encountered frequently on the golf course. To illustrate the complicated situations, actual photographs of both courses were used so participants could see how a rule is applied, and why.

The Rules Gala was a project of the Women’s 18ers Rules Committee chaired by Joyce McCann. Joyce worked alongside a team of volunteers to create the gala. Volunteers included MaryJean Kidd and Laura Kim, who coordinated the raffle which consisted of a long list of desirable prizes, many donated by the pro shop, including gift certificates and golf lessons with the pros. Delicious pastries and gourmet coffee from Peets was provided by Stella Chan and Agnes Shin.

Rossmoor golfers who attended received a Rules of Golf Guide  and a handy bag tag quick reference to commonly encountered situations generously donated by the NCGA. The seminar presenters thought this was probably the largest rules seminar audience ever from a single club. The Committee thanks all of those Rossmoor golfers who strive to improve their game and their knowledge of the rules by attending the seminar and hopefully this will be an annual event.