Run date April 24, 2013
Submitted by Alice Sprague

Women’s 18’ers and Niner’s Meet for Spring Fling
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

Anyone who watches LPGA golf tournaments can clearly see that women golfers love fashion and that was very apparent at last week’s annual Spring Fling. Every year the 18ers and the Niner’s get together for a golf tournament followed by lunch and a fashion show.

The models for the fashion show were members of either the 18er’s or the Niner’s. They were Mary Jane Hargrove, Gisela Hendrickson, Jane Lee, Bari Mantel, Sook Suh, Donna Walls and Yvonne Yeung. They were joined by Rossmoor pro and always fashionable, Wayne Weckerlin.

The fashion show was preceded by a golf tournament, the results of which were as follows:

First Flight 1st place – Lydia Bolinger, Jane Lee, Agnes Shin, and Donna Walls (net 55); 2nd place – Rosalie Devlin, Mary Federico, Mary Kelley and Marian King (58.5); 3rd place – Mary Jane Hargrove, AiSoon Hong, Anna Kim, Jean Moulaison (59).

The Second Flight results: 1st place – Barbara Jordan, Bari Mantel, Robin Moreau (58); 2nd place – Inger Bjornsson, Jan Elliott, Lynne Osmundsen, Karen Wener (61); 3rd Place results: 1st place – Joan Major, Therese Nowak, Patricia Taylor, Marilyn Treppa (61.5).

Third Flight results: 1st place – Joan Baggett, Lorrie McCurdy, Linda Pritchett and Claire Wolfe (59); 2nd place – Pil Choo, Susan Christoffersen, Shin Kim, Roseanne Wright (59); 3rd place results – Kate Bernard, Ann Donaldson, Carole Geoghegan and Valerie Helenson (60)

Fourth Flight results: 1st place – Pat Baker, Barbara Rothway and Hyosook Suh (60); 2nd place – Gisela Hendrickson, Gerda Peterson and Sherry Marks (61.5); 3rd place – Barbara Crane, Elaine Highiet, Barbara Schurhoff and Joan Simonsen (62).

Helen Lee (Niner’s) and Jane Lee (18’ers) were closest to the pin on hole 16
The organizers are especially grateful to the pro shop for the assistance they provided to make this
special event a success.

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