With the Dollar Course aeration and sanding complete, the greens are ready for another active golf season at Rossmoor. For the final tournament during this interim period, the 18ers format on April 25 was Individual Stroke Play but only counting the holes that begin with the letters T or F with a two putt max on each hole.  This clever parsing of the holes on the course provided an opportunity for every player to have a good chance at scoring well on the nine holes chosen for the tournament.

There were four flights consisting of 50 players and the top four players in each flight were paid out. The results rendered several ties between players and the countback system was put in place to determine these tiebreakers. Below are the winners and net scores::

Flight One:  Ann Hamilton, First Place, 28; Suhni Kim, Second Place, 29; Janet Choi, Third Place, 30; and Joanne Kim Fourth Place, 30.

Flight Two:  Marsha Jennings, First Place, 30; Toni Snyder, Second Place, 30; Agnes Chin, Third Place, 30; and Julie Riele, Fourth Place, 31.

Fight Three:  Denise Pratt, First Place, 28; Xuemei Reinhart, Second Place, 30; Liz James, Third Place, 31; and Jeannie Wright, Fourth Place, 31.

Flight Four:  Mary Jean Kidd, First Place, 27; Teddi Swanson, Second Place, 33; Judy Freed, Third Place, 33; and Virginia Lawson, Fourth Place, 34.

This week’s birdies were scored by Ann Hamilton on holes 5 and 10, Joyce McCann on hole 15, Mae Marcotte on hole 16, Claudia Terry on hole 2, Theresa Kim on hole 5 and Denise Pratt on hole 4.  Chip-ins were made by MaryJean Kidd on hole 14, Theresea Kim on hole 5, Joan Binnings on hole 6 and Denise Pratt on hole 4.

Congratulations to all.