Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: August 7, 2013

18ers’ Team Match Play
Blues Triumph; Whites Buy Lunch

The annual Blue and White tournament divides the 18ers into two teams of approximate even handicaps. The Blue and the White teams then play 18 holes of partner match play, i.e. two blues compete against two whites. The two teams total scores are added. The team that wins the most holes must buy a hot dog lunch for the other team.

With such stakes, the competitive spirit runs high.

As the players came in, scores were added by Director of Golf Mark Heptig. This year it looked like the Whites would surely be the winners until the last few teams came in. In the end the Blues won with 1151/2 over the Whites 1001/2. The Blues would like to thank the Whites for the delicious hot dog with
all the trimmings and the drinks.