by Margo Dutton – Club Correspondent

Agnes Shin, Jane Lee, Olivia Hsueh, Anna Kim, Joyce McCann and Ann Hamilton battled it out to become this year’s Charm Champion. Congratulations to Agnes Shin the 2021 Charm Champion! The prize for winning the charm tournament will be announced at the annual holiday party.

All other participants competed within their respective flight and played under tough weather conditions along with carts having to stay on the cart path The results are as follows:

First Flight: First place Grace Nitta net 72, second place Jayoung Lee net 75, third place Claudia Terry net 78, fourth place Sophia Kim net 79.

Second Flight: First place Joan Munn net 75, second place Gail Ramirez net 75, third place Del Poirier net 77, fourth place Denise Pratt net 79.

Third Flight: First place Sonnee Kim net 76, second place Jean Carroll net76, third place Myra Belfiore net 78, fourth place Aisoon Hong net 80.

Birdies:  Jayoung Lee #10 

Chip-ins: Teddi Swanson #7, Joan Munn #13, Joan Binnings #18

The Rossmoor 18ers would also like to welcome new members Lauralee Barbaria,Takako Ichikawa, Marsha Jennings, Pat Johnson, Lola Lantz, Char O’Neil, Joanne Wood and Il Sook Cho.