Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: August 21, 2013

Bowron, Lee, Scheffer, & Cohen
Top 4 Flights in Low Net Play

Forty-four 18er ladies teed it up to compete in a low net stroke play game on August 8. They were flighted by handicap into four groups. A beautiful day yielded low scores and lots of chip-ins and birdies. Results
are listed below.

Flight 1: First- Cletia Bowron, 72; Second- Setsuko Yuasa, 74; Third- Jean Carroll, 74. Flight 2: First- Jane Lee, 70; Second- Gail Ramirez, 72; Third- Robin Moreau, 72. Flight 3: First- Linda Scheffer, 69; Second- Teddi
Swanson, 70; Third- Pil Choo, 71. Flight 4: First- Joyce Cohen, 72; Second- LaVerne Parrot, 73; Third- Jackie Bateman, 74.

These players had chip-ins: Janet Choi #s 2 and 13; Claudia Terry, # 11; Cletia Bowron, #16; JaVerne Parrott, # #2; Linda Scheffer, # 14.

These players had birdies: Janet Choi, #4; Lore Cuttle, #3; Claudia Terry, #11; Pil Choo, #7; LaVerne Parrott, #2; Gail Ramirez, #12; Linda Scheffer, #14.

Coming Up
The 18ers’ Club Championship will start tomorrow and continue on the following Tuesday and Thursday. All players will play three rounds of medal play in flights based on their handicaps. The winner of the
Championship Flight will be the 2013 Club Champion. Awards will be at Creekside 1 &2 on Thursday, August 29.