by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
The last time the 18ers played together was back in March. There was overwhelming response from 55 members (one of the largest groups) that participated in the Terrible Twos game on Thursday, June 11.
Tee times were assigned to players starting at 8:00 am to 10:15 am.  For the Terrible Twos game, the members were allowed to eliminate one hole on the front nine and one hole on the back nine from the net score.
Here are the results:
First flight:  first place Ja Young Lee net 52 (won tie breaker), second place Darlene Martel net 52, third place Claudia Terry net 54, and fourth place Joan Baggett net 55.  Second flight:  first place Nancy Park net 51, second place Peggy Yamada net 52, third place Linda Ingalls net 53 and fourth place Nancy Groswird net 54.  Third flight:  first place Kay Doyle net 51, second place Soonee Kim net 52, third place Denise Pratt net 53 and fourth place Marlene Seffern net 56.  Fourth flight:  first place Judy Fletcher net 54, second place Joan Carroll net 56, third place Marcia Belcher net 56 and fourth place Char Gonzalez net 57.
Chip-ins were made by:  Kay Doyle, Laura Kim, Nancy Kim, Janet Choi, Stella Chan, Nancy Groswird, Pat Taylor, Linda Ingalls (2), Virginia Lawson (2), Del Poirier (2), Linda Pritchett (3).  Birdies were made by:  Pat Taylor, Kay Doyle, Laura Kim, Linda Ingalls, Sue Yoon, Gail Ramirez, Peggy Yamada, Del Poirier, Pat Deisem, Linda Pritchett, Claudia Terry (2), Darlene Martel (4).  Marva Nielsen made an eagle on hole 13.
Thanks to Denise Pratt, Tournament Chair, who worked hard organizing this tournament virtually and special appreciation to Jacque Vigil for taking care of scorecards and scoring for the 18ers.
Welcome back 18ers and hope that there will be social events after play in the near future!
Stay healthy and continue to practice social distancing.