Run date April 15, 2015
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor Women’s 18er’s Golf Club held its Thursday tournament on April 2nd. The theme was the Terrible Two’s. Each player eliminated their worst score on the front nine and their worst score on the back nine. The winner was the player with resulting low net score.

The first flight results are as follows: first place-Aileen Choi, second place-Peggy Yamada, third place-Joanne Kim, fourth place-Grace Nitta and Margo Dutton.

The second flight results were: first place-Ai Soon Hong, second place-Helen Choi, third place- Jane Lee, fourth place-Juna Lee.

In the third flight the results were: first place-Sue Fleck, second place-Nancy Ringelstein and third place-Mitzi Weinberg.

The fourth flight results were: first place-Marcia Belcher, second place-Sheri Lenz, third place- Gisela Hendrickson and fourth place-Teruko La Pierre.

Juna Lee and Joan Munn had birdies on hole 2. Marcia Belcher had a birdie on hole 13, Lore Cuttle on hole 14 and Janice Davis on hole 18.

Joan Munn had a chip-in on hole 2, Lore Cuttle on 14 and Peggy Yamada on hole 15.