Run date April 22, 2015
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

The annual Spring Fling was held this year on April 9th. The day started at 8am with coffee, tea and scones. At 8:30am the teams, composed of players from the Niner’s and 18er’s women’s golf clubs, teed off from the gold tees. It was a scramble format with net scoring. After the tournament all teams met in the Fireside room for lunch, awards and a golf attire fashion show.

Here are the tournament results.
Hummingbird Flight: 1st place-Juanita Emery, Lori Lynn, Olivia Hsueh and Soonee Kim (61.8): 2nd place- Betty Landeck, Kay Doyle, Myrna Murray and Robin Moreau (62.6): 3rd place-Joan Major, Judy Ross, Pat
Taylor and Peggy Yamada (64.3): 4th place-Carolyn Zeleski, Gail Ramirez, Judy Fletcher and Teddi Swanson (65.3).

Skylark Flight: 1st place-Beverly Meinbress, Fran Elvin, Garnet Shelly and Rena Snyder (62): 2nd place- Beverly Orum, Del Poirier, Maryann Cucchiaro and Pat Dunn (63.4): 3rd place (tie)-Karin Romak, Linda Spiegelman, Shirley McCarty, Sue Cannon (63.8) and Barbara May, Donna Rhodes, Sue Fleck, Valerie Helenson (63.8).

Purple Martin Flight: 1st-Carolyn Hensley, Dorothy Pierce, Karen Weiner and Mary Kelley (61.4): 2nd place- Allison Howells, Barbara Schurhoff, Janet White and Kathleen Young (61.9): 3rd place-Diane Matoney, Kaaren Binder, Lorrie Mccurdy and Pat Baker (62.1): 4th place-Joan Latham, Joyce Nieber, Melinda Hall and Pauline Hanley (62.7).