Run date April 23, 2014 Submitted by Alice Sprague
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

The 18’ers golf club held its Egg Stravaganza tournament on April 17th and by all accounts it was a success as many chocolate eggs were won and apparently immediately consumed by the players making it difficult to determine a clear winner at this time.

What we can report is that three players had chip ins: Betty Bowles on holes 3 and 13, Phil Choo on hole 4 and Teddi Swanson on hole 15.

Tomorrow’s tournament will be a low net format.

After the Spring Fling, which is scheduled for May 1st, the annual Handicap Tournament (match play) will be held in the following three weeks in May.

The qualifying round for the Handicap Tournament will be held on May8th. Matches in the Handicap Tournament will be played on May 15, 20 and 22. Matches will be in twosomes and starting times will be posted but the first two matches may be played ahead of time if both competitors agree. For each flight there will be a consolation flight as well.

The sign-up sheet is located in the club area of the pro shop and you may sign-up for this tournament until May 5th. Please call Nancy Groswird at 947-2572 if you have any questions.