Run date April 29, 2015
Alice Sprague
Club Correspondent

It was a modified Stableford tournament for the Rossmoor Women’s 18er’s Golf Club on Thursday’s tournament play on April 16th. Points were awarded for birdies, pars, etc, resulting in the winners having the highest scores. There were several ties broken by referring to back nine scores. The fourth flight had more participants and hence one more prize awarded.

The first flight results are as follows: first place-Del Poirier (41), second place-Janice Davis (39), third place- Janet Choi (37).

The second flight results were: first place-Gail Ramirez (38), second place-Jane Lee (35), third place-Juna
Lee (35).

In the third flight the results were: first place-Teddi Swanson (38), second place-Lore Cuttle (34) and third place-Mary Hufford (34).

The fourth flight results were: first place-Mitzi Weinberg (40), second place-Gisela Hendrickson (38), third place-Marcia Belcher (38) and fourth place-Betty Treanor (37).

Theresa Kim and Lynda Prichett birdied hole 2. Garnet Shelley birdied hole 8. Kay Doyle got a birdie on hole 10. Del Poirier birdied hole 12 and Teddi Swanson got one on hole 13. There were no chip-ins.