Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: August 6, 2014

18ers Day-trip to Hawaii For July Guest Day

Last Thursday the 18ers’ and their guests enjoyed a Hawaiian themed golf event. Sixty-eight players, many in Aloha shirts, competed in three flights.

Chairs Joan Baggett and Robin Moreau chose a two best balls of foursome format for the tournament. Along the way were two special contests: closest to the pin on Holes #2 and #16 for members and guests.
After golf the group enjoyed lunch at the Event Center. They were especially happy to relax in the air conditioning, having played in 90 degree weather.

Winners were then announced:
First Flight: 1. Kathy Fuller, Margot Somerville, Pat Mcsween, Victoria Kelly, 123; 2. Pat Taylor, Olivia Hsueh, Maggie Masta, Peggy Gray, 123; 3. Teddi Swanson, Joni Upshaw, Cindy Miller, Francine Lyall, 127.
Second Flight: 1. Robin Moreau, Laura Lippow,Marcia B elcher, Betty Bowles, 125. 2. Del Poirier, Diane Matoney, Joyce Pournaras, Kay Lacour, 125. 3. Mary Hufford, Jackie Cullen, Marilyn King, Norma Tatum, 126.
Third Flight: 1. Lore Cttle, Janet Beebe, Garnet Shelly, Carmen Leighton, 130; 2. (a tie) Rena Snyder, Carol Dickerson, Mary Ann Garvey, Frankie Wyka; and Sue Cannon, Marlene Seffern, Sharon Sacks, Judy Fletcher, both at 135.

Closest to the pin winners were: Hole #2: member Marian King, 5’ 7” and guest Yong Choo, 15’1” and on Hole #16: member Peggy Yamada, 15’, 4” and guest Frankie Wyka, 20’8”.