Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: July 16, 2014
Rossmoor Golfers and Guests Play in Fun July 4 Tourney

The July 4 golf tournament drew a full field of golfers that included members of all four Rossmoor golf clubs, their family members, and friends. All enjoyed beautiful weather, a friendly format, and a delicious lunch. Decked out in red, white, and blue, some golfers also decorated their carts in patriotic regalia.

Mary Hufford planned this big event and everything ran smoothly. She was the only golfer to volunteer to organize a Rossmoor-wide holiday tournament in 2014. Hopefully, others will step up to plan for one of the 2015 holiday golf tournaments: Memorial Day, July 4, or Labor Day. Let your club President or Captain know if you wish to volunteer. Holiday tournaments are hugely popular.

Director of Golf Mark Heptig and the pro shop helped Mary with handicapping and preparing score cards. At lunch, Mark announced the winners, noted below.

Red Flight: FIRST (a tie) Edwin Kung, Helen Chung, Pang Man, Ping K Tse, 123; and Bob Smith, Harry Paleologos, Howard Reich, Louis Artiaco, also 123. THIRD Agnes Shin, Aisoon Hong, Jae Shin, Seung Hong; FOURTH Gail Ramirez, Linda Scheffer, Michael Oakey, Rich Scheffer.

White Flight: FIRST Chuck Leong, Deanna Leong, Joyce Corrales, Lex Corrales; SECOND Bill Fuller, Gordon Van Kessel, Teddi Swanson, Vanida Naalamlieng 128; THIRD (a tie): Georgia Gordon, John Shannon, Mark Landon, William Herrick, 131, and Del Poirier, Marcia Belcher, Maryann Cucchiaro, Nancy Groswird, also 131.
Stars and Stripes Flight: FIRST Bob Murphy, Joyce Niebur, Rick Thompson, Stacy Thompson, 124; SECOND: Dick Hurley, Jack Nold, Robert Moreau, Robin Moreau, 134; THIRD Arthur Diamond, Jodi Rice, Kendra Diamond, Rena Snyder, 135.

Sil Jung Wins Charm Day with Net 67

The 18ers played their monthly Charm Day on July 3. A big field of 51 players competed. But it was Sil Jung who topped the field with an impressive round of 67 net. Later this season she will compete with the other monthly winners to determine the overall winner.

Other winners on July 3 were: Flight 1: Sally Tomlinson, 82 low gross; Janet Choi, 71 low net; Janice Davis, 73, second low net. Flight 2: Soonee Kim, 95 low gross; Anna Kim, 70 low net; Betty Cuniberti, 71 second low net; Flight 3: Jodi Rice, 101 low gross; Juna Lee, 72 low net; Karin Romak, 73 second low net; Flight 4: Mitzi Weinberg, 101 low gross; Bari Mantel, 77 low net; Marilyn Treppa, 77 second low net. Flight 5: Kathy Fuller, 104, low gross; Jackie Bateman, 69, low net; Betty Bowles, 71, second low net.

Players getting birdies that day were: Lore Cuttle, #16; Agnes Shin, #13; Shin Kim #16; and Inez Scrivner, #14. Players chipping in were: Lynda Pritchett, #13; Janice Davis, #8; Inez Scrivner, #4; and Casey Dixon, #11.