Submitted by: Linda Scheffer Date to run: June 18, 2014

18ers play Charm Day
Also for Pin, Eclectic, & Fun

On June 12, Nancy Park won the monthly Charm Day with a net score of 66. This qualifies her to play at the end of the season in a playoff of all monthly winners.

Players were also playing for ongoing competitions for the personal Eclectic game and the annual WGANC Pin games. It was a fun day.

Flight winners on June 12 were: 1st Flight – Low Gross, Janet Choi, 87; Low Net, Agnes Shin, 73; 2nd Low Net, Jean Carroll, 74. 2nd Flight – Low Gross, Anna Kim, 99; 1st Low Net, Gail Ramirez, 72; 2nd Low Net, Ai Soon Hong, 72. 3rd Flight – Low Gross, Mitzi Weinberg, 101; Low Net, Dorothy Mizono, 76; 2nd Low Net, Teri Lapierre, 79. 4th Flight – Low Gross, Madeline Deiro, 115; Low Net, Betty Bowles, 77, 2nd Low Net, Gisela Hendrickson, 80.

Birdies were made on June 12 by Agnes Shin 4 & 13; Ai Soon Hong 14; Garnet Shelly 3; Gisela Hendrickson 14; and Dorothy Mizono 13.

Chip-ins were made by Janet Choi 18; Joan Munn 18; Cletia Bowron 1; Garnet Shelly 3 and 13; Gisela Hendrickson 14; and Betty Bowles 4.

July Tee Times

Starting July 1 shotgun starts and play day tee times will generally begin at 8 am. The starting times change three times a year in response to the weather.