Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: Sep. 17, 2014

Aileen Choi Wins Charm Day; 18ers Ec and Sweeps Day Two
Aileen Choi won the 18ers monthly Charm Day with a low net score of 70.

The triple tournament also was a day for 18ers to improve their individual eclectic scores as well as compete in a flighted sweeps game.

Results of the flighted play were:
First Flight: Low Gross, Setusko Yuasa, 90; Low Net, Janet Choi, 72; Second Low Net, Olivia Hsueh.
Second Flight: Low Gross, Karin Romak, 102; Low Net, June Lee, 72; Second Low Net, Peggy Yamada.
Third Flight: Low Gross, Pil Choo, 105; Low Net, Marilyn Treppa 72; Second Low Net,Teddi Swanson, 73.
Fourth Flight: Low Gross, Teri La Pierre, 116; Low Net, Gisela Hendrickson, 76.

Joan Munn and Teddi Swanson had birdies on holes #2 and #14 respectively.

Chip ins were made by the following players: Teddi Swanson, #5, Gisela Hendrickson, #10, Juna Lee, #11, Del Poirier, #12, Jean Carroll, #17, and Setusko Yuasa, # 11.