Submitted by: Linda Scheffer Date to run: Oct. 1, 2014
Baggett is Lowest in Net Play on Wet Day

A hardy group of 18ers showed up for play on a rainy Thursday, September 18. Fortunately, the weather cleared quite early, but the field was small. Many anticipated the rain would continue for longer than it did.
The tournament format was low net for the field. Winners were: Joan Baggett, 65; Garnet Shelly, 68; Nancy Park, 70; and Grace Nitta, 71.

Birdies were made by Nancy Groswird, #1; Carole Geoghegan, #14; Sally Tomlinson, #2; and Joan Baggett, #2.
Chip ins were made by the following players: Nancy Groswird, #1; Carole Goeghegan, #14; Soonee Kim #12; and Georgia Gordon #18.