Submitted by: Linda Scheffer Date to run: June 24, 2015

18ers Golf Through Wonderland Amid Hatters, Hares and Butterflies
by Teddi Swanson and Linda Scheffer

Pat Taylor and her committee spent the last year hard at work planing the 2015 18ers’ Invitational. Their hard work showed last Thursday, and Mother Nature cooperated with perfect weather.

The tournament, themed “Tee Off in Wonderland” began with The Queen’s men assisting guests with golf bags and directions to the tea party.

Everyone was there: Alice, the Queen, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, The Butterfly, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Creekside Grill served a big luscious breakfast in their dining room. Infused with tea and protein, the giddy golfers entered Wonderland.

Tea pots were everywhere on the course.. an invitation to celebrate everyone’s Unbirthday.
At the end of the round, the triumphant and the discouraged were eager for food after all their silly encounters. Drinks and a delicious lunch awaited in the Event Center.

Director of Golf Mark Heptig, assisted by the very scary Mad Hatter, Wayne Wickerlin, announced the winners. Alice in Wonderland, Riley Vallone, (Janet Kinney’s granddaughter) helped with prizes.
Flight winners were:

1.Red Queen Flight: Gail Ramirez, Jean Carroll and guests
Ms. Nagle and Ms. Keener

2. White Rabbit Flight: Robin Moreau and guests Ms. Mc Sween, Ms. Taylor, and Ms. Hugus

3. Blue Caterpillar Flight: Madeline Diero, Rosalie Devlin, and guests Ms. Jennings and Ms. Abbott

4. Mad Hatter Flight: Frances Blanchard and Helen Chung and guests Ms. Burk and Ms. O’Conner

Invitational Chairman, Pat Taylor, would like to thank the many individuals who helped with the tournament including the following:
Mad Hatter Pro Wayne Wickerlin; White Rabbit Pro, Mark Heptig, Queen of Hearts, Lee Parr; Alice, Riley Vallone; Doormouse Bartenders, Michael Oakey and Paul Ringelstein; Gryphon Bag Deliverers, Men’s Club; Wonderland Gardeners, Blake Swint and Crew.

Art Director Jennifer Langan; Consultant and Quilt Creator, Gail Ramirez; Gaffer, Donna Rhodes; Photographer, Janet Kinney; Publicity, Teddi Swanson; Communications Officer, Sue Fleck; Menu Planners, Del Poirier and Janet Kinney; Wine, Kay Doyle; Snacks, Mitzi Weinberg; Caterer, Creekside Cafe; Course Set Decorator, Mary Hufford; Tea Party Decorators, Robin Moreau and Grace Nitta; Greeters, Jennifer Langan, Lee Paar, Marcella Benassini, and Carolyn Riding.

Sponsor Coordinator, Peggy Yamada; Sponsors, Mikes Auto Body; Byron Park; Reverse Mortgage Group.
A Wonderland-themed quilt made and donated by Gail Ramirez was raffled off for charity. Marilyn Treppa was the winner.

The collection of hatters, Cheshire cats, hares, and butterflies packed up their gifts and attempted to find their way up the rabbit hole to the sanity of home.