September 24 lady 18er golf club played a Modified Stableford game.

September 24 format was a Modified Stableford game. There were 46 qualified players. This was individual stroke play where the player received one point for a net Bogey, 2 points for a net Par, 3 points for a net Birdie and 4 points for a net Eagle. In this format the largest number was the winner. During this match Margo Dutton also had 3 birdies and Grace Nitta had two birdies. There were no tie breakers.

1st flight results: Jean Carroll 1st with 41, Agnes Shin with 40 2nd, Nancy Park with 40, 2nd, Margo Dutton with 40, 2nd, Cletia Bowron with 38, 3rd and Janice Davis with 38 3rd.

2nd flight results: Gail Ramirez with 41 1st, Pat Taylor with 40 2nd and Kay Doyle 38 3rd.
3rd flight results: Dorothy Mizono with 42,1st, Aisoon Hong with 37 2nd, Diane Matoney with 35 3rd and Linda Scheffer with 35 3rd.

4th flight results: Dorothy Pratt with 44 1st, Louise Chien with 36 2nd, Madeline Deiro with 36 2nd, Georgia Gordon with 36 2nd and Marilyn Treppa with 34 3rd.

Birdies were had by Margo Dutton on holes 2,4,15, Grace Nitta 7 and 15, Del Poirier 10, Agnes Shin 17, Cletia Bowron 10, Peggy Yamada 2 and Lore Cuttle 1. Chip-ins were made by Nancy Park on 9, Dorothy Mizono 18, Del Poirier 10, Jane Lee 15 and Lore Cuttle 1.