Women’s 18ers New-Member Orientation

Submitted by: Claudia Terry – 18er Club Correspondent

Linda Pingatore, the Rossmoor Women’s 18ers Membership Chair hosted a new-members orientation on Monday, Jan. 23, to help familiarize several new members with the activities of the 18ers golf club. After social time featuring wine and snacks, Linda welcomed the new members to the club and handed out membership packets filled with information about 18er events and procedures for participating. She encouraged everyone to attend the Launch the Season luncheon and General Meeting on February 9.

Teddi Swanson, 18ers Captain, discussed 2017 WGANC Open Days and encouraged everyone to sign up to play at some wonderful courses around the Bay Area and beyond at very reasonable rates.

Claudia Terry, Website Coordinator and Publicity Chair, introduced the website and invited new members to stay updated on upcoming events by regularly checking the 18ers page.

Janice Davis, Diablo Valley Team Play Co-Captain and Handicap Chair, and Teddi explained the opportunities 18ers have to play on either the Diablo Valley team or the East Bay team in matches against other local teams. These match play events further afford members a chance to play at beautiful golf courses in the greater East Bay area. Janice also discussed the newly formed Handicap Committee and asked everyone to familiarize themselves with the policies in the membership packet regarding posting scores in order to maintain an accurate handicap.

Denise Pratt, Tournament Chair, gave a brief talk on the various tournaments that are offered and explained how to sign up for them as well as where to find the Birdie and Chip-In books in the pro shop.

Finally, Theresa Kim, Rules Chair, invited everyone to attend the rules seminar on May 1 to further their knowledge of the rules of golf and to spend a fun-filled and informative morning with the always entertaining Suzanne Olsen, WGANC Certified Golf Rules Official, who will be presenting the seminar.

The new members, some of whom have joined the 18ers from the Rossmoor Niners’ ranks, and some who have moved here from other parts of the state, left the meeting with a packet stuffed with information and hopefully also with several new future playing partners and golfing friends.

PHOTO:  Standing: Jacky Dunn, Sally Andersen, Janet Jolley, Esta Podberesky, Daisy Soo Hoo

Seated: Katherine Pluim, Alice Lowe, Sue Yoon, Mary Ann Garvey

New members not present: Jae Yang, Joanne Bosley, Nancy Park, Sophia Hahn, Alice Liu