by Claudia Terry – Club Correspondent

On Thursday, Nov. 16, 54 Rossmoor Women’s 18ers participated in the final round of the season, playing “Team Turkey” which involved rotating whose score would be used for the one best net ball of the foursome on each hole. There were two flights with prizes for first and second place, and an overall winner of the whole field.

First place winners of the first flight were Theresa Kim, Joan Binnings, Jun Chao and Sophia Kim with a team score of 65. Second place winners were Grace Nitta, Sue Yoon, Claudia Terry and Janice Davis, also with a score of 65.

Second flight first place went to Teddi Swanson, Sharon Panagotacos and Lee Shaffer with a team score of 69. Second place went to Jane Lee, Aisoon Hong, Nancy Park and Anna Kim, also with a score of 69.

Overall winners for the day were Okey Ro, Pat Johnson, Sandy Forschler and Virginia Lawson with a team score of 64.

Birdies were shot by Theresa Kim on hole 15 and Yoon on hole 1. There were no chip-ins.

Jacque Vigil congratulated the winners and thanked Denise Pratt, tournament chair, for a wonderful season with lots of fun formats for games. Pratt thanked everyone and expressed her gratitude to be passing the tournament chair job on to Marsha Jennings in the new year.