The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers played a low net tournament as well as the first of six “Eclectic” rounds in which players keep track of their lowest scores for each hole played on the Dollar course over multiple rounds throughout the season. Participants may play any number of rounds and are not required to play all six rounds, but by the end of the season, the player who has the lowest score distilled from the eclectic rounds they have played will be the ultimate Eclectic winner.

The other game was a low net tournament with the following winners:

First Flight: Janice Davis 1st place with net 72, Joyce McCann 2nd place with net 75, Claudia Terry 3rd place with net 76, Agnes Shin 4th place with net 78.

Second Flight: Olivia Hsueh  1st place with net 71, Soonee Kim 2nd place with net 73, Gail Ramirez 3rd place with net 80, Nancy Park 4th place with net 81.

Third Flight: Teddi Swanson 1st place with net 77, Kay Doyle 2nd place with net 81, Shin Kim 3rd place with net 82, Pil Choo 4th place with net 83.

Joan Baggett had a chip-in on Hole 11, Claudia Terry had a chip-in on Hole 14, Sue Yoon had a chip-in birdie on Hole 16.