The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers Golf Club had their second Charm Day of the season as well as the second round of the Eclectic tournament on April 13. The weather was quite erratic with at least two rainy patches during the round and a beautiful rainbow appearing when the sun came back out. Because of the inclement conditions, not all entrants in the tournament stuck it out to the end. Sixteen players completed the round and the winners for the two flights were:

First flight: 1st place – Joan Munn with net 73, 2nd place – Nancy Park with net 75, 3rd place – Theresa Kim with net 75.

Second flight: 1st place – Soonee Kim with net 76, 2nd place – Ai Soon Hong with net 78, 3rd place – Teddi Swanson with net 83.

Theresa Kim had a chip-in on hole 14.