The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers Golf Club will have its first play day of the 2017 on Thursday, March 2. Shotgun tee time will be 8:30 but participants should arrive half an hour early to allow time for checking in with the pro shop and warming up. The format for play on the 2nd will be the “Terrible Twos,” where players will subtract their worst two holes from the total score. The player with the best score for the remaining 16 holes will be the winner; however, everyone should post an adjusted score reflecting the full 18 holes, using the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) method for posting.

On March 9th the format will be “Mystery Play Day” which means players will not know who they are playing with that morning until they pick a straw naming the hole they are to begin on. Four straws will be chosen for Hole 1, Hole 2, etc., and players will have a chance to meet and play with other 18ers they may not normally play with. The tournament will also be the first of the Charm Days, and individual scorecards will be used. Please exchange your scorecard with another player in your foursome. Every stroke must be counted and every hole must be putted out.

In 2017, as in previous years, all participants in 18ers play days are required to turn in two scorecards per foursome, except in cases where individual scorecards are required, in which case four cards will be turned in per foursome. All scorecards must have a marker’s signature and a contestant’s signature to be considered valid.

If the sun continues to shine and the course dries up, hopefully all the cooped up 18ers will come out in full force for the first two play days of the season and have a great time.