The Rossmoor Women’s 18ers surrendered the Stanley Dollar course to the Niners for their guest day on September 21st while the 18ers played two rounds on the Creekside course in a “First on the Green” format. Two-person teams got one point for being the first on the green, and if their teammate was the second to reach the green, they would get another point. First place winners were Cletia Bowron and Pat Deisem with 24 points. Second place went to Chong Harney and Agnes Shin with 22 points. A two-way tie was broken by the highest score on the second round, making third place go to Joan Baggett and Pil Choo who also scored 22 points.

Birdies were shot by Daisy Soo Hoo and Pat Deisem on hole 7. Chip-ins were shot by Joan Baggett on hole 4, Robin Moreau and Joanne Brennan on hole 2 and Kay Doyle on hole.