by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

Robin Moreau and Pil Choo won overall in the two-day Classic tournament, besting Jayoung Lee and Jane Lee using the USGA tie-breaking card-off method. Although both teams had impressive scores of 14 under par, Robin scored a net eagle on hole 15 to seal the win.

Jane and Jayoung had to settle for first place in the first flight. Second place in the first flight with an excellent score was Claudia Terry and Joan Binnings at 13 under par and in a close third was the team of Joyce McCann and Sue Yoon at 12 under.

Winners of the second flight were, first place, the team of Jenny Kim and Helen Kay, second place went to Nancy Park and Anna Kim and third place was Joan Munn and Karin Romak.

The third flight had some great scores with the team of Joan Baggett and MaryJean Kidd at 13 under par, second place, Ann Hamilton and Denise Pratt and third place Marcia Belcher and Del Poirer.

Chip-ins were made by Jayoung Lee hole 1, Joyce McCann hole 8, Takako Ichikawa hole 15, Robin Moreau hole 17, and Jacky Dunn hole 18

Birdies were made by Andrea Alpine and Theresa Kim hole 2, Joan Binnings hole 4, Joyce McCann hole 13, Soonee Kim hole 14, Joan Weinstein hole 16 and Claudia Terry holes 10, 16.

The women 18ers thank Jacque Vigil in the Pro Shop for setting the tournament, creating score cards, scoring and posting, and as always, being an essential part of a successful tournament.