by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

The year for organized play has reached the end, although many diehard women will continue to play through the inclement months. The final event of the 2022 season is the grand finale, Holiday gala, the “Holly Jolly” holiday party, to be held on Wednesday,  December 7, in the Event Center.

During December and January there will be many planning events and club chairwomen will be working behind the scenes to be ready for an eventful 2023 golf season. The East Bay Team play Co-Captains, Daisy Soo Hoo and  Karla Witte will be meeting with the other 13 EBTP teams in the league to finalize budget and fine-tune rules and address slow-play etc. They will also be soliciting team members and prepping them for fun and winning strategies. Last year’s uniform will be used and those wishing to participate can find the play date calendar on the web at  The finance and tech committees, chaired by MaryJean Kidd and Laura Kim, respectively, will continue work on improving the club’s financial bottom line and updating on-line services to enhance  participants’ experiences. There are many new and fresh faces on the 2023 board who will be bringing their individual talents and creative ideas to the club and the 18ers have a lot to look forward to.

The first event of the year, the Launch Party, scheduled for February 2, in the Event Center, is a wonderful way to get set up for the competitive year. Players may sign up for team play, Eclectic, Birdie club, meet rules and handicap chairs, and socialize with other members they may not have seen for months.

As there was no organized competitions and no winners to report this week, the 18ers correspondent would like to take this opportunity to express her deep gratitude and appreciation to Craig Lazzareti and Ann Peterson and all of the Rossmoor news personnel who bring the news to the community. They have shown great patience and consideration in editing and polishing the weekly articles submitted by the 18ers and for that we say a big Thank you. Next year Claudia Terry will be taking the lead correspondent position and her help this year with pre-editing the articles has been invaluable.