Mother Nature smiled on the 72 golfers teeing it up in RMGC’s initial tournament for 2018. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and hardly any wind. The result a great day for golf.

The golf course was in great shape thanks to Blake Swint and his hard-working staff. Mark Heptig and Brent Mullanax provided the administrative expertise and scoring to make the tournament run smoothly and allow the golfers to enjoy the great weather and the golf competition.

The competition was a four-man scramble team event which required each of the four team members to hit at least two tee shots. The teams were handicapped on a combination of their individual handicaps which included fractions of a stroke. Those fractions showed up in the standings which indicated they were indeed accurate assessments of the teams. The field on Dollar Ranch was then divided into two flights of 10 teams each depending on the team handicaps. There was only one flight of three teams on the Creekside 9-hole flight.

On the Dollar Ranch course in the First Flight the team of Brent Atkins, Jack Meng, Richard Wheeler and Tom Snyder posted a winning score of 56.45 for 1st place.

From left to right: Richard Wheeler, Jack Meng, Brent Atkins and Tom Snyder

2nd Place: Dan Gonzalez, Jim Pingatore, Bart Moore and Michael Kiefer at 58.50
Here is where the handicap fractions came into play as 3rd Place went to Dallas Amos, Harry Laiolo, Michael Oakey and Pat Kelly at 58.55 – .05 strokes behind – now this is what you call close. 4th Place: Daryl Mathews, David Kwok, Edwin Kung and Pang Man at 58.95 – again a fraction of a stroke behind the team ahead of them. 5th Place: Cecil
Chang, Chuck Leong, Mathew Raggio and Rod Lee at 59.30 – which means that 2nd through 5th place was decided by less than one stroke – fractions matter in these events they are that close. Brent Mullanax is the individual who does the handicapping – great job Brent.

In the Second Flight the team of Bob Smith, Burke Ferrari, Philip Neff and Roger Bass posted a 55.95 to win their flight.

From left to right: Roger Bass, Philip Neff, Bob Smith and Burke Ferrari

2nd Place: Edwin Lowe, John Newman, Karl Stinson and Magne Ostby at 58.20. 3rd Place: Bill Keeley, Mark Weiss, Pat Iacullo and Tom O’Brien posted a 59.25. 4th Place: Bill Crittondon, Gary Kammerling, James Graham and Richard Walsh at 60.60. 5th Place: Bruce McDougall, Gene Widdel, Jack Phillips and Stephen Blotzer at 61.50.

On the Creekside 9-hole event, the team of Rene Herrerias, Doug Amsden, Tom Hannon and Joe McElroy finished in 1st place with a score of 26.65

From left to right: Rene Herrerias, Joe McElroy and Doug Amsden (Not present-Tom Hannon)

Stan Giddeon and his staff provided a St Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage which the participants certainly enjoyed, many going back for seconds.

It was great day and thanks to all for making our initial event of the 2018 season so successful – including Mother Nature.