by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

Six of the 18er members that won previous Charm events, Margo Dutton, Jean Carroll, Laura Kim, Ann Hamilton, Anna Kim and Peggy Yamada, had a shootout on November 5.  The ladies played in two group of threesomes.  Anna Kim shot a low net of 71 and emerged as the 2020 Charm Champion.  Congratulations Anna!
The other members of the club played a Mutt and Jeff game.  Only scores for the par three and par five holes were tabulated for the tournament.
Here are the results:  First flight:  first place Agnes Shin with a score of 37 (won tie breaker), second place Sophia Kim 37, third place Claudia Terry 40 and fourth place Grace Nitta 42. Second flight:  first flight Joan Munn 37 (won tie breaker), second place MaryAnn Higgins 37, third place Nancy Groswird 39, fourth place Pat Deisem 41.  Third flight:  first flight Mirna Wong 38, second flight Jacky Dunn 41, third place Lana Yagle 42,  fourth place Soonee Kim 42.  Fourth flight:  first place Judy Fletcher 35, second place Luana Pearson 39, third place Patty Frazer 42, fourth place Char Gonzalez 44.
Chip-ins were made by:   Del Poirier #6, Agnes Shin #7 and Joanne Brennan #13  
Birdies were shot by:  Claudia Terry #5, Jayoung Lee #7, Teddi Swanson #10 and #16 and Olivia Hsueh #15 and #16.
The last tournament of the year will be played on November 19.  Members will need to make tee times starting on Thursday, November 19 for November 26.