On Saturday, July 14, thirty-two players started the three day RMGC Match Play Championship. The Championship flight played at scratch and from the blue tees had five players. The other four flights were handicapped and played from both the white and gold tees with handicaps adjusted accordingly. The First through Third flights had eight players each and the Fourth flight had seven.

The Championship final match on Saturday, July 21 pitted Atkins against Schofield.

Atkins (L) beats Schofield (R) on the 22nd hole to win the Championship.

It was a great match ending even after the regulation 18 holes and requiring four extra holes to determine a winner. Atkins finally succeeded in overcoming Schofield on the par 3 4th hole which was the 22nd in their match.

The First flight final was Newman vs Leong

Newman (L) defeated Leong (R) 1 up

The Second flight final was Meaden vs Christoffersen

Meaden (R) defeated Christoffersen (L) 5 and 4

The Third flight final was Hong vs Shin

Hong (L) defeated Shin (R) on the 19th Hole.

The Fourth flight Quallen defeated Ventura 5 and 4 (No photo available)

The Championship flight on Saturday, July 14 had three players, Atkins, Schofield and Mitchell received byes per their seeding in the flight. Moran then defeated Lee to move forward to the second round and face Atkins

The handicap flight results on Saturday, July 14 were as follows:

First flight: O’Dea def Kelly(WD); Newman def Kiley 3 and 2; Webb def Herrick 2 up and Leong def DeNarvaez 3 and 2.

Second flight: Soohoo def Wheeler 4 and 3; Christoffersen def Sun 1 up; Scheffer def Foisy 4 and 3; Meaden def Gonzalex 4 and 3.

Third flight: Burnett def Gould 5 and 4; Hond def Weinstein 2 and 1; Shin def Park(WD)
Benshoff def McCann 6 and 4.

Fourth flight: Hurley bye; Quallen def Loustalet 5 and 4; Ventura def Selbach(WD); Weyand def McCullough 2 and 1.

The Semi-final second round results from Wednesday, July 18 are as follows.

Championship flight: Atkins def Moran 2 and 1 while Schofield and Mitchell had a very competitive match with Schofield (75) def Mitchell (78) 3 and 2. Schofield had an excellent round with a terrific back nine to defeat Mitchell who has won this event numerous times.

First flight: Newman def O’Dea 3 and 2; Leong def Webb 4 and 2.
Second flight: Cristoffersen def Soohoo 2 up; Meaden def Scheffer 3 and 2
Third flight: Hong def Burnett 4 and 3; Shin def Benshoff 4 and 3.
Fourth flight: Quallen def Hurley 2 and 1; Ventura def Weyand 3 and 1.

The RMGC wishes to thank Mark Heptig and Bruce Mulanax for their assistance in conducting another successful tournament.