by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

On Thursday, March 24, fifty-six 18ers played the first rounds of both the Eclectic and the Charm events.

Del Poirer, a member of the 18ers for over 25 years, was thrilled to play a superior round that resulted in her becoming, for her first time, the “Charm Girl.”. Del has been an active participant in all of the 18ers activities since she joined. She served on the Board as Club Captain, Past Captain, Ambassador, assisted with multiple tournaments, including chairing the Invitational several times, chaired the extravagant Holiday Luncheon more times than she can remember and most recently is a golf course Marshal. She says, “It’s been a great ride and a lot of fun.” Despite all of her other achievements, Del is totally thrilled to have finally won the Charm Day. She and the other “Charm girls” will compete against each other for the overall championship on November 3, 2022.

Other achievements from the March 24 tournament were birdies posted by Jenny Kim on hole 16 and Mae Marcotte also on hole 16.

Flight winners are:

Flight one: First place: Joan Munn ,score 72; second place: Mae Marcotte, score 74; third place: Sunhi Kim, score 75.

Second flight: First place: Margo Dutton, score 71; second place: Jane Lee, score 75; third place: Esta Podberesky, score 76.

Third flight: First place: Del Poirer, score 70; second place: Teddi Swanson, score 74; third place: Kathy Hunt, score 74.

Fourth flight: First place: Joanne Brennan, score 71; second place: Pil Choo, score 77; third place: Garnet Shelly, score 79.