Submitted by: Linda Scheffer
Date to run: July 24, 2013

18ers Classic Tournament
2-Day Partnership Contest

The 18ers’ played the final round of the annual Classic Tournament last Thursday. The game is played in pairs over two days. The net best ball of partners for first and second rounds were added for the tournament score.

Twenty teams of two played in the event in three flights. Lunch, awards, and a general meeting followed golf at Creekside.

The overall winners, having the best score of all three flights, were Anna Kim and Soonee Kim with a two-day net score of 125. Flight winners are below.

Flight 1 First: Janet Choi, Jane Lee, 126; Second: Jodi Rice/ Maddie Krochak, 129; Third: Pat Deisem, Karin Romak 130; Fourth: Janice Davis, Sil Jung, 132; Fifth: Patricia Taylor, Olivia Hsueh, 136.
Flight 2: First: Del Poirer, Carol Dickerson, 129; Second: Jackie Hildreth, Linda Scheffer, 130; Third: Lorraine Weisenberg, Sheila Robinson, 133; Fourth: Pil Choo, Haija Kim and Hyosook Suh, Young
Sun Bai tied at 134.
Flight 3: First: Joyce Cohen, Roberta Weiner, 126; Second: Joan Baggett, Juanita Emery, 130; Third: Madeline Deiro, Joyce Brock and Dorothy Mizono, Louise Chien tied at 132.