By:  Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent
The 18ers held the Club Championship, the last major of the year, over three days:  September 5, 10 and 12.  Darlene Martel emerged as the winner with a low gross of 248.  Her name will be engraved on the perpetual Championship trophy.  Claudia Terry was the runner up in the championship flight with a low gross score of 252.
Following the matches the ladies gathered in the Fairway Room for lunch and awards presentation.  Brent Mulanax, Assistant Golf Professional, announced the results:
First flight:
Theresa Kim low net 221.
Second flight:
Daisy Soo Hoo first place low gross 276, Agnes Shin second place low gross 280, Ja Young Lee low net 214.
Third flight:
Peggy Yamada first place low gross 297, Laura Kim second place low gross 306, Aisoon Hong low net 226.
Fourth flight:
Linda Ingalls first place low gross 323, Teddi Swanson second place low gross 335, Garnet Shelly low net 235.
The 18ers thank Claudia Terry, Teddi Swanson, Del Poirier for organizing the tournament.  Appreciation to Brent Mulanax for organizing the groups and score tabulations.
Congratulations to the 18ers for their participation in this challenging three day event.