by Janice Davis – Club Correspondent

On May 26, 48 players showed up to play for the “Everything but the T’s and F’s.” The only holes that counted were those that did not start with the letter “T” or “F.”

First place first flight winners were the team of Jun Chao, Takako Ichikawa, Theresa Kim and Sophia Kim.

First Place second flight winners were Betty Cuniberti, Joanne Kim, Jane Lee and Juna Lee.

First place third flight winners were Lynda Pritchett, Joan Baggett, MaryJean Kidd and Lauralee Barbaria.

Birdies were scored by Janet Choi #10, Sunhi Kim #12, Jacky Dunn #4 and Joan Binnings #2, #15.

Chip-ins: Joan Binnings #2, Lynda Pritchett #13, Sunhi Kim #12, Lauralee Barbaria #15, and Char Gonzalez #6, #17.