The 2019 Team Match Play season ran July through August. The POD we were assigned to – via a pre-season agreement with the other clubs – was Rossmoor, Orinda, Sequoyah and Moraga. The Rossmoor team enjoyed visiting the clubs when we were the away team and hosting them when they came to Rossmoor.

This year’s team consisted of: Brent Atkins, Lorin Anderson, Bryan Burnett, Terry Dawkins, John Endicott, Dan Gonzalez, Rich Jones, Mike Kiefer, Rod Lee, Chuck Leong, Daryl Mathews, John McDonnell, Jack Meng, Curtis Mitchell, Bart Moore,Chuck Moran, Mike Oakey, Jim Pingatore, Rich Scheffer, Tom Snyder, James Soo Hoo, John Wayand, and Won Woo. Silent supporters were Jim McCann, Fred Sun and Rich Wheeler.

This year, as in prior years, we hosted the visiting teams at the Dollar Ranch Clubhouse for our post-match festivities. This year we had assistance in the form of an unofficial Food & Beverage Director – Toni Snyder. She, along with her support team, acquired and prepared all the food, settings, drinks, etc. The task was performed magnificently and the personal touch she provided was evident each time we hosted a visiting club. Each visiting team mentioned the selection of food and drinks and the setting at Dollar Ranch was outstanding. The style we used was unique and more personal than being inside (at their club) and catered by the club personnel. I believe the Rossmoor touch we provide makes us special.

The match results were:
June 20th at Rossmoor Rossmoor 29 – Orinda 7
June 27th at Sequoyah Rossmoor 15 – Sequoyah 21
July 11th at Rossmoor Rossmoor 12 – Moraga 24
July 18th at Orinda Rossmoor 14 – Orinda 22
Aug 5th at Rossmoor Rossmoor 20 – Sequoyah 16
Aug 15th at Rossmoor Rossmoor 9 – Moraga 27

The final POD results were:
Moraga 131 points
Sequoyah 105 points
Rossmoor 101 points
Orinda 95 points

A few points here and there and we could have been a solid second place in our POD against clubs which were all out to win. Maybe next year!!!

It’s been a great year. Tom and I have enjoyed the learning curve of doing the work vs just enjoying the fun. Thanks for trusting us to put the 2019 season together, make the necessary arrangements with the NCGA and the other clubs, coordinate the facility and food requirements and represent Rossmoor.

See you next year!!!