by Daisy Soo Hoo – Club Correspondent

The Rossmoor 18er members played the third Charm and Eclectic event on July 18.  A field of 42 members participated with Janet Choi winning the Charm event with a low net score of 67. Choi will join the other charm winners in the playoff on Thursday, October 31. There are three more Charm tournaments for the season. Congratulations to Janet!

Here are results:

1st Flight:   Low Gross – Claudia Terry low gross 80. First low net Janet Choi with a 67, second low net Daisy Soo Hoo with a 68.

2nd Flight:  Low Gross – Juna Lee low gross 97.  First low net Joan Baggett with a 76, second low net Nancy Groswird with a 77.

3rd Flight:  Low Gross – Jane Lee low gross 99.  First low net Karin Romak with a 72, second low net Gail Ramirez with a 75

4th Flight:  Low Gross – Charlene Gonzalez 110.  First low net Garnet Shelly with a 75, second low net tie Denise Pratt and Shin Kim with a 78.

Birdies were had by Cletia Bowron on hole one, Kathleen Young on hole two, Peggy Yamada on hole four, Janet Choi and Grace Nitta on hole fifteen.

Chip-ins were made by Denise Pratt on hole one, Daisy Soo Hoo on hole five, Teddi Swanson on holes seven and twelve,  Peg Yamada on hole seven, Gail Ramirez on hole eight, Laura Kim on hole eleven, and Janice Davis on hole twelve.

Members with eclectic score cards post only scores that show improvement from the first eclectic round.   Eclectic cards are reviewed at the end of the year and prizes are awarded.

Next week’s play is the Nassau Tournament which is played individually with full handicap. Awards will be given to two flights with best score on front nine, best score on back nine and best overall score. Sign up by Tuesday, July 23.

August 1 and 8 are the Classic Tournament where the members sign up as a twosome. Lunch will follow play on August 8th.  Envelopes for lunch are in the 18er drawer at the golf shop.

The next Charm and Eclectic tournament will be on Thursday, August 15.

Thanks to Brent Mulanax for his help and support of the 18er Women’s Golf Club.